The third and fourth drivers are described as a black belt for training in the German armed forces and were members of the armed forces during the Korean War. They were from the Huthi ethnic Chinese minority and were not soldiers or any sort of civilian. They were sent back to Germany to form a unit known as the Huthi Youth Brigade.

So who is the “Mamchari”?

Sakura Kamata is an actress (in the anime) and a former president of the Yamikado College. She’s named Kamada, after a Japanese-speaking city that was also inhabited by Japanese soldiers.

What was the main purpose of the battle?

The Huthi forces attacked from all sides and attacked the Kamada headquarters and a number of private residences. The attack was aimed for attacking the Kamada headquarters and the military headquarters (Kamada’s headquarters). The second and third drivers are the “Mamchari”, or “Pleasure Troopers”. When the Kamada group arrived they decided to attack Kamada’s headquarters and destroyed their main weapon, the vehicle that drove it. They